Pre-Conference Workshop

The DiMM Faculty Development Course is endorsed by ICAR, ISMM and UIAA.
Location: Hotel Yak& Yeti, Kathmandu, Nepal


The preconference for instructors of DiMM courses intends to improve the educational competence of the participants by introducing them to the theories and methodology of modern adult learning. The participants will be given time to prepare different teaching events using different methods. On the second day these preparations will be directly implemented during the workshops. During preparation and implementation, the participants of the preconference will be supervised by faculty members.

Course sequence:

The preconference workshop will last two full days. Day 1 focuses on adult learning theories and the preparation for Day 2. The second day will be the implementation of the preparations of Day 1: The participants of the preconference will work as instructors during workshops for conference attendants and will receive direct constructive feedback from peers and faculty members.

Excellent in “what”, but poor in “how”:

Many instructors of courses in mountain medicine are very competent regarding content – the “what”, but they have never had a special education in how to teach course participants. Today´s educational methods are very diverse and focus on interactivity and direct involvement of participants.

From teacher to facilitator:

Teaching adults is even more challenging because instructors must be able to engage their participants by building on prior knowledge and creating meaningful learning environments. The traditional idea of teaching will be replaced by the new way of facilitating.


All faculty members are experienced educators, directors of DiMM courses or members of the DiMM administrative group:

  • Monika Brodmann Maeder, Medical educator and former director of Swiss basic courses
  • John Ellerton, DiMM group representative
  • Anthony Chahal, DiMM course instructor Vancouver Canada and facilitator
  • Jason Williams, DiMM course director New Mexico and facilitator
  • Steve Roy, DiMM course director, Quebec, Canada and facilitator
  • Günther Cologna, Educator and facilitator

Course participants:

Experienced course instructors with at least 2 DiMM or equivalent courses. Maximum of 20 participants will be selected for the workshop. If applications exceed the maximal number of participants, the directors will decide on attendants, taking care of equal representation of the international courses.

Pre-course assignment:

Preconference participants are requested to prepare for the course by reading articles that will be sent to them before the course.


All participants will be supervised by a faculty member. At the end of the course, they will receive a closing feedback on their performance and how to improve it.


After fulfilling the course criteria (complete presence during two days and positive recommendation by the supervising faculty member), course participants receive a certificate as DiMM certified instructor.


The registration fees for the workshop is 400 USD. This includes attendance of the course, coffee breaks and lunch.