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Poster Presentation Guideline

Guidelines for Poster Presentation in ISMM 2018

  1. Poster presentation by the author will be done according to the date and timing mentioned by conference organizers. Presenters post their research design and findings on a poster board; i.e., a brief text clearly labeled and illustrated by photos, charts, graphs, tables.
  2. Presenters’ exact places will be indicated by their names which will be posted on the poster boards.
  3. Conference volunteers will be available for help in the poster area.
  4. Format of the Poster:
    a) Portrait Layout
    b) Maximum Dimension ( 3 feet Width * 5 feet Height )
    c) Appropriate Font size
              ● Titles should be large enough to be read from 10 feet distance.
              ● Text size should be concise enough to be read from a distance of 4 feet  about 120 cm).
              ● Avoid using all capital letters. Use bulleted lists where possible instead of paragraphs.
  5. A section at the top of the poster must contain the Title, Authors, and Affiliations.
  6. The title should be the same as the title submitted with the abstract and appear in boldface at the top. 

    Poster Printing

    ● Presenting authors should print their physical poster based on the requirements listed in the sections above.
    ● Organizers do not print posters on behalf of presenters.

    Presenting Your Poster at the Conference

    ● You should set up your poster during the 30 minutes just prior to the Poster Session.
    ● If you think you may need certain materials, other than tape or the poster board itself, BRING IT WITH YOU.
    ● Plan to spend the entire session at your poster.