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Abstract Submission

Important dates:
  • 1st March, 2018: Call for Abstract submission!
  • 30th June, 2018: Abstract submission closes!
  • 1st August, 2018: Final evaluation results!


Abstracts should be submitted through the online abstract management system. Abstracts relevant to high altitude, mountain emergency medicine/rescue, travel/expedition medicine will be considered for evaluation. Authors should indicate a subtopic from the list provided on the submission site and preferred presentation format (oral or poster). Eligible authors may also submit their abstract for the ISMM Young Investigator Award.

Notice: Presentaion of an abstract (oral or poster) requires registration of at least one author. Abstracts without a registered author after the registration deadline will be rejected.


  • Abstracts have a maximum word limit of 250 words and should be submitted in English in a non-structured format (no subheadings).
  • Please note that use of abbreviations should be kept to a minimum and measurements should be reported in the International System of Units (SI).
  • References should not be included.
  • The online abstract management system requires the first author of an abstract to be added as "author" and remaining authors as "co-authors".

Review Process:

Each submission will be reviewed by two/three members of the Scientific Committee. Criteria for evaluations are based on content, scientific merit and relevance of the presented material. Evaluators will make the final assignment of abstracts to a poster or oral presentation. Authors will be informed about the evaluation results on 1st August 2018.

Abstract Submission